Takshashila Gurukulam
Everyone, to some extent, can do the work of spreading education. Give education to people, not money - Mahatma Gandhi

is a major initiative of TKC under which we run a rural lab school in the outskirts of NCR (Dadri, Greater Noida, UP) to provide affordable and high-end educational and learning opportunities to ambitions kids. We provide a platform to the semi-urban and rural children, so they can explore the world beyond their imagination!

As the school has grown from 50 to over 700 students in six years since its inception, the school’s model has evolved through hands-on experimentation and focus on continuous improvement

We strive to make our schools- iconic educational institutions and hence have pulled out elements from many places – other affordable schools, high-end schools, and even the business world. We continue to endeavor to improve on the education we provide for all of our students.

While we are making constant efforts to expand the network of Takshashila Gurukulam, we have also been helping other schools to adopt a similar model.

Further, to bring in international best practices, we invite foreigners stay at our school to share their knowledge and to give our children another window to the larger world in which they live today.

TKC consultants are also encouraged to go on a sabbatical to teach/administer the school or contribute in expanding the network of Takshashila Gurukulam.

To know more about Takshashila Gurukulam please visit the site www.tkcschools.in


The sheer feeling of joy that you get by lending a helping hand for a 'cause' can be quite overwhelming. A number of Indian and international volunteers come every year to teach at the school, help develop school curricula, do workshops for children, participate in school campaigns, train teachers or simply lend a helping hand in administering the school

Digital Initiatives
We complement our strategy practice with state-of-the-art digital capabilities and methodologies in order to achieve accelerated outcomes and implement innovation

is a digital initiative of TKC which is an EdTech startup that provides an ecosystem to assess real world skills, prepare for job interviews and bridge the industry – institution gap while simultaneously reducing the candidate screening time for the enterprises. Our platform helps students, graduates and job seekers by presenting them with business scenarios through a combination of exercises like case studies, business simulation etc.

By making use of an intelligent recommendation system based on advanced analytics, our platform helps in standardizing and streamlining the candidate screening process, thus reducing both time and effort.

Our aim is to reduce the gap between a job seeker and an employer through skill specific testing methods. At the same time, we want to broaden your skill set and determine the direction of your career by assessing and enhancing skills through a series of business simulated assignments and exercises. Our motive is to act as the robot arm to the hiring teams of your companies by providing curated profiles of the applicants. With our database and skill assessment mechanism, we aim at ensuring that the shortlisted candidates possess the right skills thereby reducing the time and effort needed to hire the right candidate.


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