We are equipped with a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral strategic business consulting experience, across various industries and geographies in India as well as globally.

Industry Expertise
We assist clients across industries while having deep dived in the telecom, education, renewable energy and public sector

"At TKC we have developed deep expertise in telecom sector which has been enhanced by working on a number of telecom sector projects with some of the largest telecom companies globally."


Be it automobile, telecom, insurance, retail, real estate or banking, no company can afford to ignore the possibilities of rural India. The statistics below itself substantiate the huge potential of rural India.

  • Rural households form 72% of the total households of India.
  • Per capita monthly consumption in rural India grew by 19 per cent during the 2009-10 to 2011-12 period out pacing growth in urban consumption which rose by 17 percent according to NSSO survey.
  • Some 42 million rural households use banking services against 27 million urban households.
  • There are 41 million Kisan credit cardholders [credit cards issued to farmers for purchase of agricultural goods] against some 22 million card users in urban markets
  • As durables shrink in urban India, the rural market is witnessing a 15% growth rate. Some 60% of the durables market lies in rural India
  • Telecom in rural India is growing at 31% annually
  • 60% of India’s US$15 billion annual consumption of gold and gold jewelry is from rural and semi-urban areas, according to World Gold Council figures.

Doing business outside the purview of the top metropolitan cities in India is challenging and requires a non-traditional approach due in part to unique social, economic and cultural aspects of different regions.

TKC Approach

TKC offers services in creating flexible business models for clients who want to expand their rural presence and earn sustained profits from their rural operations. We offer various services such as rural market research, rural market entry strategy, and reengineering products to cater to rural markets in order to harness the potential of the yet fragmented and unfamiliar rural market.

Our knowledge of rural market has been enriched through executing several rural focused client projects. Most of our consultants have travelled deep and wide in India. We have developed a huge knowledge database of almost all districts of India based on our interaction with key persons in the districts.

Functional Expertise
We have mastered business transformations, market entry and due diligence through our expertise in international business consulting

"We have helped several companies attain operational excellence""We have helped several companies attain operational excellence"


Operations management forms the heart of an organization by controlling the system of operations that are needed to ultimately deliver a firm’s primary products and services. Operations management is increasingly seen as a source of competitive advantage because correctly managing this area is fundamental to ensuring the company’s carefully crafted strategy becomes reality.

Managing a company’s operations is important to ensure that a company is carrying out the right activities, with sufficient resources and at the right time to achieve the company’s objectives. It involves the management of manpower, materials, facilities, technology and equipment for the efficient conversion of resources into quality products and services, as well as their distribution.

TKC Approach

We have helped several companies attain operational excellence. Our experts bring the hands-on industry experience required to pinpoint operational strengths and weaknesses, and identify and deploy proven methods to generate measurable, sustainable improvement.

We have developed performance measurement systems and business process models for several clients. We apply several management techniques to deliver enhanced flexibility, service levels and quality whilst lowering costs and reducing the variability of process outputs. Following process is followed:

  • Evaluate a company’s efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Determine KPI’s for effectiveness relevant for the particular business.
  • Suggest measures to enhance productive by using various management techniques such as Lean. Operations, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma to improve operational efficiency.
Management Tools
We display our proficiency in strategic management consulting by mastering business improvement diagnostics, data analysis and war room mechanics

"TKC has developed a range of diagnostic capabilities to look at all parts of a business with a view to identifying areas for improvement"


The top leadership of every company is faced with the challenge to identify ways to boost profitability, increase market share, overtake competitors etc. Every organization has its distinctive strengths and weaknesses and faces a unique combination of threats and opportunities. Accurately assessing all these is the only way to determine where a management team should focus its performance-improvement efforts in order to achieve breakthrough results.

Embarking on this kind of diagnosis, however, can be daunting because there are countless possible points of entry. Your company’s operations may span across number of geographies and involve many thousands of employees and customers. Should you start by talking to those employees and customers or by examining your processes? Should you focus on analyzing production effectiveness or sales force effectiveness? Managers often begin with whatever they know best. But that approach is not likely to produce either the thoroughness or the accuracy that the management team and the business situation require.

TKC Approach

TKC has developed a range of diagnostic capabilities to look at all parts of the business with a view to identifying areas for improvement. We have used these tools both for improving the performance of clients as well as for Private equity firms evaluating the potential of their portfolio companies. A detailed dig down into each functional area is conducted to Identify areas where action can be taken.