Why Takshashila?
We deliver high impact changes by creating an ecosystem of high performing individuals with the passion and zeal to lead

At Takshashila we believe in delivering ‘high quality impact’ for our clients through focused and smart ‘Problem Solving’ approach. Consultants at Takshashila work with the Senior Leadership of some of the Fortune 500 companies, leading businesses, governments, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profit organizations. The projects vary from devising business launch strategy for large corporates - to - providing electricity in rural India and from large business transformation projects - to - improving health conditions for women and children in tier-2 cities of the country.

Creating valuable impact in these challenging projects is impossible without a team of smart, enthusiastic, hard-working, persistent and ‘die-hard’ individuals, who share with us a common dream of ‘creating change’. Hence, we constantly focus on building a team of consultants who can think on their feet and bring in variety of skills and knowledge on the table. This requires outstanding problem solving, analytical, observational, communication and presentation skills. This highly capable team allows us to work hand-in-hand with the Client Leadership and drive large projects.

At Takshashila we thrive to create an ‘ecosystem’ of high performing individuals who are self-motivated and have the ‘drive’, passion and zeal to LEAD. To make it sustainable and self-advancing, we make sure every individual joining us shares a similar mind-set and brings in a new skill/ expertise. Our consultants are from the best b-schools and institutions in the country including IIMs, ISB, XLRI and IITs and we also have consultants with prior experience in McKinsey, BCG, Bain and AT Kearney. Life in Takshashila is not just limited to client work. Consultants work with the Partners in various Firm Initiatives. From leading talent development efforts to business development, our consultants have tremendous opportunities to develop leadership and management skills within the firm.

Recruitment Process
We believe our people are our greatest asset and hence we invest our time and effort to evaluate and develop a high performing team

1. SEND YOUR APPLICATION: To apply, please send across your one-pager CV and cover letter to our team at hiring@tkc.firm.in and mention the job profile you are applying for. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our team for the next steps.

2. ONLINE ASSESSMENT: We conduct an online assessment to gauge the skill sets required for the applied role and to obtain a detailed analysis of the expertise required for the role.

3. CASE INTERVIEW: A case interview helps us to assess your ability to think analytically and creatively to solve a problem. This is not just a aptitude test but contains real business problems that you would face while consulting in Takshashila. More than arriving at the correct answer, we are more interested in your approach to solving the problem and how well you communicate your ideas.

4. FINAL INTERVIEW: The aim of the interview is to find out more about you and if you are a good fit for Takshashila. You might be asked questions about your motivation to join Takshashila, your past professional and personal achievements and failures etc.

Learning and Development
We focus on the development of multiple skills in a wholistic manner through fun learning activities

Trainings at Takshashila provide a perfect blend of comprehensive skill development and fun learning activities. These sessions are designed by our senior consultants with emphasis on individual capability building and overall development through due-diligence of current skill-set and competence. Every session is different from the previous one and introduces a new approach and perspective for solving complex problems with hands-on exercises/ case studies. Of-course these rich sessions are followed by team parties, dinners, events and games, etc.

To ensure constant learning and overall development of the team members, the Senior Partners at Takshashila make sure that the consultants at Takshashila have tremendous opportunities to enrol in various Training Programs which are held throughout the year. These programs focus on enhancing problem solving skills, personality development, communication skills, client management skills, analytical skills, brainstorming, influencing skills, etc. The training modules are tailored and customized by our experienced consultants and focus on the ‘Individual development’ as well as ‘team excellence’, by including the right blend of concepts, toolkits, exercises and hands-on case studies.

Previous Sessions
We focus on the development of multiple skills in a wholistic manner through fun learning activities

A two-day adventurous training session was conducted in Mar’16 with over 20 consultants participating in it. The modules were tailored around: 5 Step TKC problem solving framework, tools required for effective Problem Solving, giving and receiving feedback. The exercises and energizers focused on structuring the problem, conducting insight driven analysis, principles of Project Management, challenges in implementation and role plays on problem solving. The session also covered tips and guidelines on Brain-storming, Conducting Expert Interviews, Presentations and visuals and setting up War-room.

We don’t have a job for you!
We don’t do jobs in TKC so we don’t have one for you. We give you a platform that enables and steers in you the creativity, passion and rigour to get to the bottom of things and challenge yourself to the hilt.

We are looking for self-driven, energetic, sharp and committed young individuals who can display extraordinary leadership skills and can work alongside the key leadership.

What will you get at TKC!

1. Opportunity

  • Newer and cutting-edge problems of the business to address
  • New locations that will broaden your horizon and make you think beyond your boundaries
  • Opportunity to work with the best minds in the industry
  • Taste the flavour of multiple genre in the corporate world

2. Challenges

  • Disruptive thinking that stimulates your mind thus giving an entirely different picture in every situation
  • Handling oneself in a variety of situations with high degree of self-discipline and initiative
  • Developing a life-skill that will help you deal with situations in a more structured and well thought through fashion

3. Personal Development

  • Stimulate your mental capabilities and put your physical fitness to test
  • Output driven approach in all action and communication both written and verbal
  • Hone your skills by using the latest technology and disruptive methods to create an impact in the engagements (internal and external)
  • Responsible for the entire deliverable thus getting acquainted with the end to end aspects of the business and viewing a situation in a holistic fashion

This is a unique opportunity to gain breadth and in- depth experience in various functions that would help in building the capabilities, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line sustainable results.

Location: Anywhere in India

Who Should Apply?

Come and join us, if you want to accelerate your dream of becoming a management consultant. We are seeking for the best talent pool. This role is suited to people who are passionate about making a difference to enable growth in the organisation through problem-solving and experience-based judgment to complex challenges by focusing on the critical issues. People with the following credentials should ONLY apply

1. Date of Birth on or after 1st January 1991 (min. 27 yrs.)

2. Academic Credentials

  • Gold/Silver Medalist in one or more degrees
  • More than 90% marks in 10th and 12th Exams
  • Top Engineering College with JEE Rank less than 999 or top undergraduate college
  • CAT percentile of above 98%
  • Should be an MBA from one of the top 20 institutes in India or abroad (IIM or equivalent)’ with a CGPA of more than 80% equivalent

3. Work Experience

  • No break in career
  • Not more than 2 job changes in the entire tenure before or after MBA

4. Other key skills

  • Strong people skills and an ability to engage all levels of the organization
  • Prior exposure to working alongside senior management
  • Excellent communication skills – written and oral
  • A willingness to “roll up your sleeves’” and work at all levels of a client organization